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FOX NEWS says...

"An Interesting Idea"

- Fox NEWS channel 5 Earnie Anastos

CW NEWS 11 says....

"Thousands are saying sign me up!"

- Kaity Tong CW 11 News

Robi Reed and Phill Wilson have theirs!!

"We plan on Testing 1 Million African Americans"

- Black AIDS Institute

CBS NEWS 2 says....

"Now there's a license to get intimate"

- Kristine Johnson CBS 2 News

STFree Releases Chec-Mate Smartphone Application for 

9 Year Anniversary!





STFree Certifications Inc proudly introduces Chec-Mate™,  the worlds first and only Smartphone application developed for your iOS or Android device that instantly allows you to securely and confidentially share or exchange your recent STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) screening dates and results with a current or potential sexual partner.



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